Jordyn Doyel

Jordyn Doyel is a senior at Loyola University Chicago studying film and photography. Jordyn has always been interested in art and media and started at Loyola University Chicago in 2014.

By creating strong messages deeply rooted in social justice and activism, Jordyn’s fiery passion for civil rights and art shine through. Jordyn’s goal is to use her passion for art to inspire others to take a stand on problems in the world. Jordyn is especially passionate about food systems and agriculture, the environment, women’s rights, LGBTQIA rights, and animal rights. She hopes to use her art as a platform for change.

Doyel’s most recent work is featured in Bucktown Gallery’s May exhibition, CounterCulture: Hidden Stories of Chicago Past and Present, and serves an artistic and intellectual endeavor intended to allow viewers to explore their own personal beliefs in relation to human sexuality. Her photographs are not meant to offend but to provoke viewers to question our society’s relationship to the idea of sex and sexuality.

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Featured work: Censored by Jordyn Doyel