Bucktown’s Best Training Video Studio for Rent

The video studio for rent at Popup Chicago is the perfect video studio rental to shoot training videos. Our video studio space has plenty of room for all your equipment, gear, backdrops, and props needed to shoot training videos. Many of the video studio rentals near me are in hard to access areas of Chicago or high-traffic areas with hefty parking costs, but Popup Chicago’s video studio for rent is easy to get to thanks to its close proximity to the Kennedy and free parking.

Benefits of Renting Popup Chicago’s Exceptional Video Studio

Many training video production crews have rented Popup Chicago’s video studio over the years and most have even gone on to rent again. When asked directors and production crews of training videos enjoying renting the video studio because of how easy Popup Chicago makes everything. The gallery owners are able to assist with equipment rentals, promotional services, and many other additional services if needed.

  • 1,000 square feet
  • Modern studio with bright white, matte walls
  • Black out curtains
  • Air conditioned and heated space
  • First-floor location for easy load-in and load out
  • Ample free parking
  • Professional equipment services available

Training Video Videographer’s Best Video Studio Rental in Chicago

Offering the best video production studio for rent near me in Chicago, Popup Chicago has been used to shoot many training videos for companies, schools, fitness gurus, and DIY gurus over the years. Production crews enjoy choosing to rent Popup Chicago’s video studio because we work hard to make it easy for them.