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Jeremy Newman

Filmmaker Jeremy Newman’s work, City in a Garden, was chosen for exhibition in our May 2018 show CounterCultures: Hidden Stories of Chicago Past and Present. This film explores Chicago from cultural, historical, and sociological perspectives. Its montage sequences, comprised of archival film clips and digital footage, immerse viewers in an unflinching and timeless sense of place. […]

Olga Guse

Olga is the only international artist we accepted into our CounterCulture exhibition. Hailing from Russia, most of her work is comprised of creative animations that expand the conversation about the expanding urban sprawl and the resulting environmental issues caused by such. With new discoveries about the lead present in Chicago’s water supply, as well as […]

John Yaou

John’s current body of work focuses on celebrating Urban/Street Art. His aim is to use these influences to elevate these genres to a level of high art. Although his subject matter may differ, his work remains cohesive by keeping the methodology and technique consistent. Graffiti Culture is a counterculture that greatly influenced and nurtured Yaou’s love […]

Tess Watson

Watson’s art is a reflection of memories of yearning, death, and residual historic feeling. Although the main subjects of her work are people, the objects become inconsequential in contrast to the emotional movement of color present in her paintings. Her work creates a place and moment for the viewer to take comfort in and experience […]

Amanda Taves

Through her work, Amanda Taves explores the transitory nature of identity against the backdrop of an ever-expanding social world. She employs commonplace elements such as dislocated objects, anonymous locations, and techniques typically reserved for criminal investigation to inspire viewer narratives. In her current series, View from a Stranger’s Window, Taves photographs windows located in the communal areas […]

Henry Sandifer

Henry Sandifer is a filmmaker and self-taught multidisciplinary artist. His work juxtaposes pop culture iconography and objective truths to force the viewer to question their own humanity. His paintings provoke heavy critical thought, as each piece carries with it heavy social commentary that explores both the past and current states of affairs. Henry’s brand, OCA […]

Jose Raya

Jose Raya is an artist from the Pilsen neighborhood in the south side of Chicago who creates mixed media paintings with a social focus. He enjoys creating paintings that merge pop culture with politics, of both the past and present, while telling a story to the audience. Jose has been selected to exhibit his work […]

Jen McNulty

McNulty explores the dichotomous relationship between perception and reality in both subject matter and presentation. She refers to her recent works as 3D Photo Mosaics, which were born from her love of genealogy paired with her interest in pop culture and history. These works combine the graphic beauty of photography with the sculptural quality of […]

Jeremy Lampkin

Jeremy is a painter and owner of Faux Pas Gallery in Rochelle, IL. His work has been chosen for feature in our May 2018 exhibition, CounterCulture: Hidden Stories of Chicago Past and Present Lampkin on his work: “The science of psychology is a thinly disguised religious doctrine. Any true science of the mind would naturally replace […]