Join us for the closing reception of “Buck Naked” on April 8

Please join us for the closing reception of “Buck Naked: A Celebration of Form, Function, and Beauty.”

The nude figure throughout history has been celebrated and censored. We believe this classic subject continues to inspire artists and viewers alike, and can incite conversation about identity, self-worth, compassion, fear, and the unpredictable.

Local artists are featured in Bucktown Gallery’s upcoming show, “Buck Naked.” Submitted artwork will, per the artists’ discretion, be available for purchase during the duration of the show.

Featured artists:
Jovanka Novakovic
Andrea Kaspreyk
Jon Beskin
George Lindmark
Bob Kapheim
Muhan Jiang
Joni Sullivan
Aaron Trice
Lilla Dent
Amanda Kaminski
Amalia Kouvalis
Hyunhee Doh
Kita Abatiki
Kathie Huddleston
Joni Sullivan
Jen Lau
Jessica Jokhi
Yuhan Guo