Chicago Pop-Up Art Gallery Spaces

Chicago has a thriving and vibrant art community. Throughout the city, you will see numerous [...]

Jeremy Newman

Filmmaker Jeremy Newman’s work, City in a Garden, was chosen for exhibition in our May [...]

Olga Guse

Olga is the only international artist we accepted into our CounterCulture exhibition. Hailing from Russia, [...]

John Yaou

John’s current body of work focuses on celebrating Urban/Street Art. His aim is to use [...]

Tess Watson

Watson’s art is a reflection of memories of yearning, death, and residual historic feeling. Although [...]

Amanda Taves

Through her work, Amanda Taves explores the transitory nature of identity against the backdrop of [...]

Henry Sandifer

Henry Sandifer is a filmmaker and self-taught multidisciplinary artist. His work juxtaposes pop culture iconography [...]

Jose Raya

Jose Raya is an artist from the Pilsen neighborhood in the south side of Chicago [...]