Call for Art: Fashion, Body, and Garment

It confines and liberates.

Reveals and at once, conceals.

Teases, titillates, and obscures reality.


Perceived as innocuous, yet so powerful that laws have regulated it.

Class, sexuality, gender, culture, and economics all intersect in its wake.


The fashion we wear expresses our identities and how we choose to be seen. The inescapable force and industry that we live our lives in is the subject of our June exhibition at Bucktown Gallery.

We are currently seeking work of any media (including textile and garments), which explore this theme. The aim of our exhibition is not only to showcase contemporary works from artists of all backgrounds, but to also explore the conversations the industry itself poses through multiple lenses. I.E. gender, economics, progress, liberation, etc.

Those who are chosen to participate will be featured in Bucktown Gallery’s June Exhibition, Fashion, Body, and Garment. Submitted artwork will, per the artists’ discretion, be available for purchase during the duration of the show. Certain artists may be invited to continue to display their works in future exhibitions or as part of Bucktown Gallery’s rotating standing collection.

Artists will be notified via email by May 14

All pieces must be exhibition-ready (dry, complete, wired and ready for hanging, and with no protruding nails or other hazards. Works should be framed if applicable, or otherwise prepared for professional presentation).

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Should you encounter any issues with Google Forms, email to submit directly.

“Real fashion change comes from real changes in real life. Everything else is just decoration.”

-Tom Ford

Exhibition Details

Show Dates: June 1-17

Opening Reception: Friday, June 1st, 6:00-10:30pm

Tentative Closing Reception- Sunday, June 17

Submission Deadline: Saturday, May 12, 11:59PM